About the Swedish Portal for Climate Change Adaptation

The Swedish portal for climate change adaptation is intended to support society and citizens preparing for climate change consequences. The portal offers comprehensive information and support within a number of areas.

The portal contains information about the effects of climate change, risk management, how an adaptation plan can be developed and examples of how climate change adaptation can be integrated into the daily work. The portal provides information to support both short and long-term adaptation. The target group for the portal is currently municipalities and county administrative boards.

The portal is a result of the cooperation between nineteen Swedish governmental agencies - in collaboration with Sweden's municipalities and county councils. Every agency is responsible for their area of expertise and the combination gives a broad spectrum of information. At regular intervals a dialogue is held between the agencies to gradually develop the portal. There is also a discussion between the Nordic portals and the EU portal.

Governmental agency network for climate change adaptation

The Swedish governmental agencies behind the portal have joined in a common network to facilitate the national planning and implementation of climate change adaptation measures.

The main purpose of the agency network is cooperation to increase society’s resilience against climate change. This is done by working to strengthen the participating governmental agencies as well as society outside the network, and by working towards improvements of frameworks and steering instruments.

Each of the participating governmental agencies have responsibility for adaptation to climate change within their respective areas of expertise. By dedicating specific working groups to different climate effects the network is able to deliver common, joined-up services to the parts of society that are carrying out adaptation activities.

The following governmental agencies are involved in the network and the portal:

Geological Survey of Sweden
National Electrical Safety Board
National Food Agency
National Veterinary Institute
Public Health Agency of Sweden
Sami Parliament of Sweden website
Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Swedish Board of Agriculture
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Swedish County Administrative Boards (in Swedish)
Swedish Energy Agency
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Swedish Forest Agency
Swedish Geotechnical Institute
Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
Swedish National Heritage Board
Swedish Transport Administration
Swedish Transport Agency

Part of the National Knowledge Centre for Climate Change Adaptation

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), has been commissioned to create a national knowledge centre for climate change adaptation, in which the portal operates as a tool for disseminating information. The purpose is to collect updated knowledge about vulnerability and climate change adaptation. One important aspect is to provide good examples and thereby make it easier to practice adaptation at local and regional level.