Case studies

The examples below aim to provide inspiration and to share experiences of different types of climate change adaptation work in Sweden.

Cooperation for land use, Vilhelmina Model Forest

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Rådslag på fjället

Climate adaptation often means that different interests regarding land use need to be met. In the Vilhelmina Model Forest network, local actors are gathered to achieve a long-term use of the landscape together. 

Protection of the coast in Ystad

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Ystad Sandskog efter andra strandfodringen 2014

Ystad Municipality has long had problems with erosion along the coast, which predicts to accelerate due to the rise of the sea level. Sand is therefore taken from the seabed and is placed on the beaches.

Irrigation ponds for agriculture

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Damm med torr strand

Climate change may entail positive effects for agriculture. At the same time, there is a risk of water shortages that can reduce production. Today, several farmers have already created or plan on creating ponds to obtain better possibilities of irrigating the crops and giving the animals water.

Action plan for climate adaptation – City of Västerås

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Schematisk riskbild Västerås

The City of Västerås prepared an action plan to systematically work with climate adaptation. Among other things, the climate adaptation work is to be a natural part of the municipality’s existing processes.

RiskLab – an interactive room for learning

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Interactive and educational solutions are developed at the Centre for Climate and Safety at Karlstad University to communicate and visualise the research findings in creative interaction. The societal risks in focus are downpours, floods, storms and rising water levels.

Protection from flooding, Karlstad Central Hospital

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Karlstad sjukhusvall

Karlstad Municipality and Värmland County Council are taking a comprehensive approach to their central hospital area subject to flooding. A flood bank is being built combined with a walkway and bicycle path at the same time that the water run-off system is being reinforced.

Camping on Öland switched to seawater pools

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Två pooler och människor som solar och badar

Climate change may lead to a warmer climate and a reduced water supply on Öland. Water is already a commodity in short supply on the island, and water restrictions were introduced in the spring of 2016. The filling of swimming pools with municipal water was prohibited, which led to that Saxnäs …

Machinery in agriculture being adapted for a changed climate

Traktor med påkopplad slangspridningsramp kör på åker

Heavy rainfall may lead to farmers equipment risks of getting stuck or damaging the soil via soil compaction. A farmer in Falkenberg can now reduce the risks associated with wet conditions, with the use of new types of agricultural machinery.

Floating homes in Karlstad

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Flytande bostäder i Karlstad

Residential housing that floats on water became a solution for Karlstad Bostads AB in its quest to create floodproof houses. At the same time, the demand for housing that is adjacent to bodies of water can also be met. The idea was born after the severe floods in 2000.

Storage of grain secures their sale

Silos, Lantbruk Säffle.

The climate affects the prices in world markets for grains. A facility in Säffle shows that the vulnerability which price variations entails for producers can be turned around to profitability. The solution involves an increased capacity for drying and the storage of grain.

Adaptation areas