Case studies

The examples below aim to provide inspiration and to share experiences of different types of climate change adaptation work in Sweden.

Protected historic building protected against landslides, Höglunda, Värmland

Höglunda herrgård och slänten ner mot Norsälven.

The protected historic building Höglunda Manor in Värmland was at risk of sliding down into the adjacent river. A varying groundwater level means that the ground is unstable. Risk-reduction works have been under way for a long time, involving the construction of a terrace and stabilisation of the …

High rate clarification at Västra Stranden Sewage Works, Halmstad

Flygfoto Laholmsbukten.

Heavy rain and flooding leads to a major strain on sewage treatment works. Large incoming flows in treatment works contribute to sewage not being purified and running directly out into lakes and watercourses. When there are high incoming flows at Västra Stranden Sewage Works in Halmstad, something …

Wetlands reduce the risk of flooding, Häckenstad Farm

Översvämning Häckenstad gård

Häckenstad Farm outside of Västervik was flooded in 2010, resulting in significant production losses. Four years later, the farm is largely protected from future flooding thanks to the construction of wetlands that trap water and reduce the speed water flows. This intervention has dried up land …

Green bonds in Gothenburg

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Finansiering, pengar

Green bonds are being trialled in Gothenburg as a way to finance the city’s environmental efforts. The bonds provide funds for various projects concerning climate adaptation and limiting emissions that have an impact on the climate.

Rain borders in Gothenburg

Parkeringen vid Kvibergs multisportsarena

Building what are known as rain borders can solve the problem relating to water purification and flooding. Rain borders also create an attractive environment for people, insects and birds. The largest rain border thus far has been built in Gothenburg.

Climate demonstrations in the Geodome

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Geodomens klimatvisning

Climate demonstrations that provide an opportunity for visitors to interact with a climate expert from SMHI are held in the mobile Geodome. The aim of these demonstrations is to increase engagement and to educate visitors about the causes of climate change and its effects both globally and locally.

Time limits placed on water-rights judgements for the future climate

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Vramsån i Skåne

In Skåne, the county administrative board is endeavouring to place time limits on all water-rights judgements, regardless of whether they apply to agricultural irrigation or industrial uses. The aim is to make the use of water sustainable in an altered climate.

Climate-smart planning in Järfälla

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Kärrsångare i kyrkparken

Järfälla Municipality, north-west of Stockholm, has a long tradition of incorporating good green structures when planning. The green spaces reinforce the municipality’s ecosystem services, reduce the risk of flooding and preserve water quality, biodiversity and social added value. Water is seen as …

A joint water project by two municipalities

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Vattenledning i Bromölla

In Skåne, Bromölla Municipality is conducting a joint water supply project with its neighbouring municipality in Blekinge, Olofström. The aim is to secure access to reserve water from Olofström in the event of water shortages, for example when there are longer dry periods in the future. At the same …

Cooler microclimate with green tracks

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Spårvagnsspår längs Norra Promenaden i Norrköping

Several cities are working actively to increase the number of green structures and reduce the proportion of impervious surfaces in the urban environment. Cities with trams, have the opportunity to lay grass around the tram tracks. This is done to create more green surfaces in the urban environment …

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