Case studies

The examples below aim to provide inspiration and to share experiences of different types of climate change adaptation work in Sweden.

Embankments protect against future flooding in Kristianstad

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Kristianstad invallning

Because of its low-lying position by water, Kristianstad is constantly in danger of being flooded. Large parts of the city were close to being flooded in 2002. Work has been underway since then, to build embankments and pumping stations, to protect the city by preventing the water from flowing in.

Dehumidifier prevents the growth of mould in Mästerby Church, Gotland

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Mästerby kyrka

Mästerby Church is situated in western Gotland. Built from limestone in the 13th century, it has had problems in recent years with damp and mould. The problem arises when high external temperatures and humidity levels meet the cooler interior of the church. A dehumidifier has been installed in …

Climate change adaptation at Ramundberget ski resort

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In 2013, visitors to Ramundberget ski resort were already able to enjoy the slopes and a ski trail in the autumn. The resort had invested in snow cannons more than 50 years after it had welcomed its first skiers. Many ski resorts are more and more dependent on an ability to manufacture snow for …

Action taken in Botkyrka in the event of a heatwave

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Värmekänsliga personer i Botkyrka

Work in Botkyrka on reducing health risks associated with heatwaves is at an advanced stage. Staff working in health and social care have been given information about heatwaves and checklists to follow if a heatwave is expected. If necessary, additional staff can be called on in residential homes …

Green roofs

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Semi-intensiva gröna tak, Augustenborgs Botaniska Takträdgård

Malmö’s work on adapting buildings for climate change is well advanced. Some of the city’s buildings have been given green roofs to help manage the impact of climate change.

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