Length of vegetation period

The length of the vegetation period, or growing season, is defined as the period of the year when the conditions are sufficient for plants to grow. This factor has become important to show how the climate has changed.

The time of the year when the daily average temperature exceeds a certain limit is called the growing season. Usually this temperature limit is between + 3 ° Celsius and + 5 ° Celsius, but it also depends on the plant species.

Over the past 40 years the length of the vegetation period has increased by about 2 weeks in northern Sweden. Southern Sweden also has a longer growing season, although not as much, and the increase is concentrated to the last decade.

The vegetation period is expected to become longer. By the end of the century the vegetation period will be 30-100 days longer than during the period 1961-1990, depending on which scenario is used.

The change is calculated to be greater in southern Sweden and less in northern Sweden. All the climate model simulations show a longer vegetation period. The vegetation period is expected to become longer by about the same number of days in the spring and the autumn.