Agriculture needs to adapt to future climate change, for us to be able to have a continued good production of food.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has mapped how the climate may affect Swedish agriculture within a 25 year period. From a climate perspective, it is a short time but from the agricultural perspective it is a reasonable time horizon. The premise of the report is that the temperature will increase by one degree.

The positive and negative effects from climate change are expected to basically offset one another. The higher carbon dioxide levels are expected to increase return by about 5 %. The potential to grow more winter crops and for example corn are expected to get better. Meanwhile, crop conditions can deteriorate and the risk of drought could increase. The risk of flooding is expected to increase.

Future water in agricultural

The changing climate will lead to more rainfall and more droughts. This puts greater demands on water infrastructure in agriculture such as ditches, covered ditches, embankments and irrigation dams.