Land and soil

Precipitation levels in large parts of Sweden may increase by up to 30 per cent by the end of this century. This will have direct consequences for the land's geotechnical properties and suitability for construction.

Climate scenarios show that extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common. Increased total precipitation combined with more frequent and more intense rainfall may lead to new flood levels and increased erosion along the banks of lakes and watercourses and along the coast. 

Increased precipitation, an increased groundwater level, increase flow rates in rivers, floods and erosion may also lead to pollutants more easily leaching out and being spread.

The solidity and stability of the land as a foundation on which to build is degraded as a result of increased groundwater and pore water pressure. The risk of landslides increases in some types of soil. In the future, action will need to be taken in areas that are currently regarded as stable.