Case studies

The examples below aim to provide inspiration and to share experiences of different types of climate change adaptation work in Sweden.

Adapting reindeer husbandry to a changing climate – Ängeså Sámi district

Renskötande same på snöskoter

In northern Sweden, the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly evident. To better understand how this affects reindeer husbandry and how impacts can be addressed, four Sámi districts carried out climate and vulnerability analyses and developed action plans.

Cloudburst mapping identifies vulnerable locations


In a changed climate, cloudburst events of sudden heavy rainfall may become more common and more intensive. Areas with hard surfaces (such as asphalt) and low-lying sites may be at risk of flooding. Cloudburst mapping provides an indication of the areas that are particularly vulnerable to this.

Contests as a method for climate adaptation

Människor sköter sig själva i lummig park

Contests are a method that can be used in the procurement process for major projects. The design of the new city park in Hyllie is an example of such a solution.

The climate adaptation of a park in Malmö

Konceptbild av en klimatanpassad park

In 2014, Malmö experienced extreme precipitation, and such events are expected to happen more frequently as a result of climate change. The design of the new city park show how the City of Malmö has incorporated the consideration of climate issues into its planning and implementation work.

Art provides a forum for discussion of climate change and adaptation

Person presenterar inför grupp på en strand

The ability to meet the challenges of climate change requires collaboration between different agents in society. Art can help to break down the barriers that represent obstacles to transitioning and climate adaptation.

Crops that cope better in a changed climate


Summer 2018 was extremely hot and dry in Sweden. So-called cultural crops have been proven to withstand the stress caused by drought better than our most common cereals. Cultural crops could therefore function as a good alternative in a changed climate.

Artistic expression helps children to understand the environment and climate

Humleklistermärken på äpplen symboliserar att äpplena behöver pollineras

How can the environmental and climate-related challenges of the future be communicated to children in an understandable and fun way? Creative and artistic approaches can be used as educational methods of conveying complex information.

Expert group ensures a comprehensive approach to the municipality’s climate adaptation work

Karta över dagvatten Lerum

Climate adaptation and social planning are complex areas. Without collaboration, there is a risk that underlying research and the decisions made will come into conflict with each other. In the municipality of Lerum, experts work together in order to identify common solutions.

Storage of snow ensures skiing during warmer winters

Snölagring med spån i Vålådalen

With rising temperatures, the number of days with snow is gradually decreasing in parts of Sweden – particularly those parts away from the fell mountain chain. Ski resorts have therefore begun to store snow in order to ensure that they will be able to open at the beginning of the skiing season.

Networks reinforce the municipalities’ work on climate adaptation

Två personer presenterar sitt arbete med hjälp av skärm

Those who work with climate adaptation in a municipality often work alone. This makes it important to identify forms of collaboration. Municipalities that work together in order to form a climate adaptation network can learn from each other and support each other in their work.

Adaptation areas